by constantstateofmotion

There is a fragile gap between the collegiate diet of Redbull and Ramen and the all-grown-up, gotta-feed-the-kids routine that most of us find ourselves in around this age. I think. At any rate, I’m trying to effectively navigate that dilemma while in a foreign country and while saving as much money as possible to further my travels down the road. So as an addendum to the ever-evasive cheap meal, I tried a stir fry.

Simplicity is key. I used two white onions, the cheapest I could find, one-half kilo of tenderized beef steak, rice, and a sachet of teriyaki sauce (I’m not THAT talented).

Sautéed the meat and the onions until they were brown, added the sauce, added the rice. Viola.

Meat: NZ$6.27
Rice: NZ$1.06
Onions: NZ$.70
Teriyaki Sauce: NZ$2.09

TOTAL = NZ$10.12

Divided by 3, because it was shared dinner for three people, and the per plate cost was NZ$3.37. That’s a whopping US$2.76 for dinner.