Tortas Fritas!

by constantstateofmotion

What is there to do on a rainy day on a tropical island when you are living with seven Argentineans? Apparently the answer is Tortas Fritas, which is the fried biscuit/cookie that is served as a middle breakfast alongside a Yerba Maté. The process is simple, and rest assured there wasn’t a recipe to be found.

First, you add flour, milk and oil to a bit of flour.


Then, you mix with your hands to make a solid, firm dough. Lay it on the counter and roll it thin with more flour.


Once the dough is thin enough, you cut it into the desired shape. Circles are common, as are rectangles.


The entire time, they were assuring me that it was not the traditional “Tortas” because we weren’t using animal fat. Gotcha guys. After allowing the cutout dough to rest in the refrigerator, the dough is ready to be fried.


After they are removed from the oil and left to drain, they are either sprinkled with salt for a savory middle breakfast meal, or with sugar for something sweet with homemade Dulce de Leche after dinner…


These little guys are irresistibly delicious! I had a couple with coffee, then with jam, then just because they were sitting around! If you are serious about making these at home, you can click here for’srecipe.