Another free breakfast in Reykjavik, Iceland

by constantstateofmotion

So here I sit, with the wonderful taste of nutella and graham cracker titillating my tastebuds, warm coffee in hand as I peer out to the chilly Icelandic morning. Sure, I had to trot in a tee shirt and basketball shorts to the small makeshift house behind the hostel (the kitchen) in that chilly morning air, but the best part of my breakfast is that its FREE.

I walked past the others in the lobby, enjoying muesli and bagels and cappuccinos, but I am not a European on two weeks holiday with a fistful of euros to throw around, so here I sit, without the distraction of children or whine of an espresso machine, with my coffee and my breakfast in sheer, unadulterated, paid-nothing-for-it bliss.


Remaining true to my mission, this is yet another example of how to avoid the incredible costs of “vacation,” as opposed to “travel.” I will arrive in London later today, where a £5 pint of beer is waiting, but when you are in London with friends, pints of beer are key, in Iceland, you splurge on things other than bagels and cappuccino; like my dinner last night…

…to be continued.