About Me

Im really not that interesting of an individual, so I’ll try to highlight the things in my life that I feel are most riveting, anything to keep your attention.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

I graduated high school in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Don’t go unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Shortly after high school I started to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin which was halted in the middle of the second year with the illness of my mother. I laid personal witness to the tragedy of cancer in someone that I looked up to, adored and loved. Losing my mom was the darkest, most heartbreaking experience of my life. It has shaped me in ways I am still realizing.

I finished a formal degree in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, waiting tables at a high-end French bistro to feed myself and pay my bills. During that time I always told myself that I would never turn into the bilious, nephrotic, middle-aged couples I had the pleasure of each evening, out for their anniversary and fighting because he or she couldn’t be pried from their cellphone for the duration of dinner. It wouldn’t be until three years later that I woke up one morning one of those people.

I was in a relationship, eleven months of my life that culminated in yet another very dark chapter in my life, one that again is shaping me in ways I am still realizing.

During that time I studied hard for and passed the Court of Master Sommeliers Level 2 Exam, and decided that Milwaukee, Wisconsin couldn’t offer me the experience and the challenge that I needed. So I left.

It was either to New York City to work in dining rooms and start to gather Michelin Stars for my resume, or head to SanFrancisco for experience in the vineyards, or do something crazy and pack it all away and head to New Zealand. I chose New Zealand. No particular reason either, just the opportunity to do something incredible and crazy and out-of-this-world while still gaining experience in my field. I haven’t looked back.

I have since travelled the world, eating and drinking and working my way through countries, and meeting some of the most interesting people you can imagine. In the back of pickup trucks late at night in Indonesia, or at Hostels in Portugal, I have had the opportunity to forge long-lasting international relationships with people who enrich my life in ways I never thought possible.

My life now is exponentially better than I could have ever imagined, because I wake up every morning without the worry of a commute, or the cry of a newborn, or the fart and burp of a bedmate. I wake up every morning wide-eyed and eager with the possibilities of the day: sometimes that translates into where/how I am going to eat, but more often than not, it is a daily adventure of awe and inspire.