My Life Philosophy

Get out there. Do those things you read about in magazines. If you read cooking magazines and they are making “The Worlds Best Pecan Tarte,” get out there and buy some pecans, buy some butter and some tart crust – you’ve got work to do.

Never settle, and do whatever it takes. Raise a glass to the kid working at McDonalds; I’ve got a brother in prison because he would have rather done drugs. At least the kid at McDonalds is saving for his trip around the world, or that new guitar. Or to feed himself.

Meet people, because the saying “a stranger is the best friend you haven’t met yet” is so uncannily true if you apply yourself, it will blow you away.

Never judge anyone. Ever. The guy that just checked in and paid $15 for a hostel dorm room has summited Everest. You don’t know why she’s pregnant, or why he’s overweight. And that person with the crazy hair? She’s got a story to tell.

Don’t take anything for granted. Because you don’t know how amazing things are until they’re gone, and this holds exponentially more weight with the people you love.